All photos by Sally Corrick, Sally Corrick Photography,

“It was an absolute pleasure photographing this event.   I really don't know, I wanted to put the camera down and just listen”  

Sally Corrick, Sally Corrick Photography

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"A first rate group of young musicians…..

This was both a sensitive and occasionally vivacious reading of Beethoven’s rather experimental score….

the second piano trio of Mendelssohn...was performed with dashing virtuosity….

Throughout, these splendid musicians paid close attention to dynamic markings, simultaneously managing to let this superb music breathe…..

The achingly beautiful main theme (of the slow movement of Elgar’s Piano Quintet), passed as it did between the strings, must have stunned those in the audience hearing the work for the first time.

The performance was probably the best I have heard, and in the stark and venerable surroundings of the Abbey sounded something like a prayer.”

Spencer Allman, Hereford Times

"What a wonderful concert last night. We might have gone to any of the very best venues in the country and not found better. It was a privilege to hear such committed playing and passionately communicated music in the beautiful setting of the abbey at Abbeydore. 

With all good wishes and sincere gratitude,


"A thousand thanks to you and to the wonderful quintet for such an inspiring and magical evening.  It was a truly unforgettable musical experience. Love and warmest wishes to you all. Joyce”

“Chamber music-making at its very best, with a sense of corporate purpose not always in evidence! The players all clearly loved the music, and it showed - the Elgar was especially memorable” 

Roger Judd, organist