March 21st: Open Rehearsal


2pm St Michael’s Church, Michaelchurch Escley

“Music from the Mediaeval to the late Renaissance”

Want to see how a live classical music concert is put together? Worried the kids won’t sit through an entire concert or you can’t go out at night anymore? Why not join us for the rehearsals instead.

Note, this is not a full concert.  Rather a great opportunity to hear these singers and musicians rehearse experiencing how a they all work together to put on such performances.  See below for further details.


Open Rehearsals give a sneak-peak.  This is not a full concert.  You'll experience just what it takes to create a professional music performance in the company of a leading period instrument group The Amyas Ensemble and early music singers Duo Maddalena.

Together they will perform a feast of early music from the Mediaeval to the late Renaissance. Including pieces for lute, woodwinds, vielle-á-roue (hurdy-gurdy) and voices. Their performance showcases works by Landini, Ciconia, Dowland, and Strozzi, as well as songs from the Cantigas de Santa Maria collection.

So if this exhilarating programme is not motivation enough to come and join us, the evening offers the audience a special opportunity try out a few of these early instruments for themselves.

The Venue

The rehearsal will take place in St Michael's Church, Michaelchurch Escley starting at 2pm until approximately 4pm.

The less formal nature of an open rehearsal makes it an ideal opportunity to bring all the family. It offers a chance to introduce younger family members to live music.  Also the freedom to up and leave when you've heard enough.

Attending Open Rehearsals

With this in mind we’re delighted to be able to give audience members the opportunity to attend this rehearsal. Please remember that as a working rehearsal, it's important that the performers are not distracted. We ask that all audience members ensure that they don’t make any noise, including applause, during the rehearsal.

You may not hear every piece planned for the evening concert.  It may also not be possible to hear everything the musicians say.

Rehearsals are scheduled to last for 2 hours, including a mid-session break. Rehearsals may finish early at the discretion of the musicians without notice.

Video/audio recording and photography are strictly forbidden.

Additional information

Ticket Type

Family (2 adults and 2 children under 18, Adult, Student 12-18 years, Child under 12 years

Venue: St Michael's Church, Michaelchurch Escley

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Address: Michaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire, HR2 0JS, United Kingdom

A brief Description:  Quite a large church for a small village, Michaelchurch Escley was restored in the nineteenth century. This was done with a tad more sensitivity than was always the case, although the grim message over the Victorian lych gate is not necessarily encouraging. Apart from that, the most obvious external addition is the west tower from 1897. Inside, the screen is from a similar period, although the Art Deco pews are a little later. The most striking aspect in the church, however, is the medieval wall painting of Christ of the Trades. Details of this can be found at