Community Donations

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Community Donations

The trustees of Concerts for Craswall are committed to our community engagement objective supporting the culture and heritage of Craswall.  In 2019, thus far trustees have approved the sum of £750 to the Craswall PCC; £70 to the Black Mountains Group Benefice Newsletter; and £20 to Hay Tourist Office.  Other donations are invited for consideration at the forthcoming board meeting in October.

Additional Donations

A donation of £100 has also been given to St Michael’s church in Michaelchurch Escley for use of the building for the Spring concert.

Think we could do more for Craswall?

Get in touch. Each request is necessarily reviewed on its individual merit.  No award approved by trustees can set a precedent.

Thank you for your continued support

Thank you to everyone who has supported our concerts again this year.  We look forward to welcoming you to the last concert for this season. That takes place on Saturday October 12th in St Mary’s church, Craswall starting at 5pm. Further details are available here.